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Out of the Box: Modern Board Games for Adults & Teens

Out of the Box: Modern Board Games for Adults & Teens

Strategy! Hilarity! Meeples!  Find all this and more at a casual evening of board games for adults and teens.

If Monopoly and Scrabble are what come to mind when you think about board games, this program is an excellent opportunity to experience the landscape of modern board games.  Whether you enjoy storytelling, multi-layered strategy, collaborative problem-solving, or fast-paced competition, there’s a game for you!

Gamers of all experience levels are welcome at this casual evening of board games.

Can’t make it to the program? Use your library card to borrow these board games to play at home:

  • Azul
  • Bring Your Own Book
  • Carcassone
  • Codenames
  • Dixit
  • Forbidden Desert
  • Forbidden Island
  • The Fox in the Forest
  • Love Letter: Court the Royal Princess of Tempest
  • Munchkin Deluxe
  • Pandemic
  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Smash Up
  • Sushi Go!
  • Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza
  • Timeline: Inventions
  • Tiny Epic Galaxies
  • Topiary
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Wave Room
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