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One Day University: Negotiation: How to Get (more of) What You Want

One Day University: Negotiation: How to Get (more of) What You Want

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Negotiation: How to Get (more of) What You Want
presented by Margaret Neale, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Everyone negotiates. Yet many people think of negotiation primarily as an adversarial interaction where there is a winner and a loser. Framing negotiations in this way creates adversarial interactions because what we expect is what often what we get.

In this talk, Professor Margaret Neale will explore the opportunities that exist when negotiators reframe their interactions from adversarial battles to collaborative problem solving. In doing so, she will demonstrate how to get (more of) what you want by expanding the opportunities to create and claim value in everyday interactions as well as in those rare, high-value interactions.


Margaret Neale is the Adams Distinguished Professor of Management at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Professor Neale's major research interests include bargaining and negotiation, distributed work groups, and team composition, learning, and performance. She is the author of over 70 articles on these topics and is a coauthor of three books.  She is the faculty director of three executive programs at Stanford University: Influence and Negotiation Strategies, Managing Teams for Innovation and Success, and the Executive Program for Women Leaders.


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Friday, August 9, 2019
10:00am - 11:15am
Main Meeting Room
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